Bowman & Williams Co.

Traditional English soap company that takes pride in making the finest quality handmade soaps. Making soap the same way it has been made for hundreds of years and keeping it at the highest standard (We wouldn’t expect any less) all the while using the finest plucked natural ingredients.

Each bar is unique, Hand made and cut fresh here in London - England.

History in your hands.

Why our soaps?

Our hand made soap has little to do with the soap you buy in the stores, Hand made soap has character, it smells genuine, like the ingredients from which it is made. It makes the body smell like the body should.
The soaps we make are soothing, soft, rich in natural ingredients with a penetrating thick lather. 
Once you go natural, you wont go back.

What's next.
Over the coming months we will be expanding and bringing you more of the soap you love as well as other products that we have not announced. its all pretty exciting stuff, Keep up to date with our social media to see our behind the scene product creation and to check all the new products we have lined up.


Search online for @Bwsoaps or find direct links at the bottom of the page.